Established in 2008
with a mission of
“healthy milk for healthy life”.
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Established in 2008 with a mission of “healthy milk for healthy life”.

Ancient India is known for its rich background for milk production. It is a land where Lord Krishna was born and there are famous stories, about his passion for milk & butter. With due course and passage of time and modernization, progress in milk quality in India is not up to the mark and needs an attention to bring a step change in its structure.

Astron dairy was started with an objective to make available good, rich & tasty milk for every human being. Milk should be choice of drink among child & youth, and it is only possible, when its taste is best, with respect to any other drink. Our focus is to improve quality of milk by controlling animal breed and well maintained supply chain. Beside this milk is delivered only after proper quality control.

With a team of hard working & devoted people at every front, selection from animal breed, their nutrition and proper supply chain, we are committed to provide you the best possible milk quality in India. We are determined to bring a change in this sector and make it well organized in order to provide a healthy and contamination free milk.

For us, most valuable factor is customer satisfaction “we are here to care for you”

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